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[Early in the morning on the 23rd, Zenigata walks outside and into the forest clearing he's been working in for the last few months. The old cop had been carefully constructing a controlled environment for Lupin III to work, as well as a potential shelter for himself should something occur to his own apartment.

Lupin had given him plans, and Pops had followed to the best of his ability, which wasn't inconsiderable. His uncle had taught him how to do most carpentry things, and through his own ingenuity and skill with his hands he'd figured out the rest. Growing up in Post-War Japan had its benefits after all. Men were handy, because if you weren't and something went wrong then you were going to have to spend money that you didn't have to have it repaired. With what he'd had in Luceti, he'd managed to get a workable shack built with some windows,and it was wired for some basic functions, but would need a generator. Instead, some lanterns hung around, which would hopefully provide enough light.

The last thing he had to do was install working locks, which took only a few moments. Pops turned and wiped his hands satisfactorily before pulling out his journal and sending out a broadcast filtered to Lupin,Fujiko, Jigen, and the only person who'd actively helped him work on it, Adele LeBlanc. ]


Ok folks, the Boomshack is officially finished. If you guys wanna come down, I'll give you keys so it can be used for...whatever really. Adele, I'd like to thank you for your help a few months back. I owe you a drink, so c'mon down here and get it whenever you feel like.

[Then Zenigata makes a generic broadcast to the entire village]

Alright everybody, this is Inspector Zenigata Koichi. I wanna apologize for all the racket around Community House 5 lately, I've been finishing up a project but I'm done now. Everything's fine, no problems. And hopefully with my job done, Lupin's more destructive urges can be curved and the community can be a bit safer.

All this work has got me thinking about my childhood. Is there anyone from Japan that grew up after the war? Y'know, the Second World War? I'd like ta know if that happened in any other worlds, and if it did, what was it like? If you aren't from Japan, then...can you tell me what your childhood was like? I'm just curious, gettin' a bit nostalgic in my old age. Lookin' back on it all, I'm wonderin' if I had an abnormal childhood, or a relatively normal one?

[Obviously Pops is asking because he's thinking back to life as a kid. He's worried that he's just accepting Luceti a bit to easy, and...for some reason thinks that his upbringing had made him just deal with the situation the wrong way.]

[Finally Pops sends off another message, this one [Filtered to Moro]

Moro, if you are still around, I wanna speak to you. If you're busy, thats OK.
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[Inspector Zenigata hates Mondays. He hates Mondays after a weekend he can't freakin' remember even more. After all this time here, though, he's learned to just accept that something weird probably happened to him last weekend. It's a pretty crappy thing to accept, sure, but what choice does he have since those Malnosso punks won't show up and let him arrest them. Add to that the weirdness of that Were-Yeti incident...and you've got a cop who REALLY needs a distraction.

Regardless of the funkiness of the last few weeks, he wakes up and gets a move on. The man's got plans for today. Starting with a trip down to the shops, where he's picking up nails and a hammer, as well as various lengths of wood gathered from around town. He's got a project in mind, for the benefit of his sanity and the residents of Community House 5. The pickup process takes a few hours, so feel free to stop him or give him funny looks as he wanders between Community House 5 and the shops, whistling while he works.

After gathering supplies, the sounds of sawing, hammering, and generalized construction can be heard in the woods behind Community House #5. Zenigata is making quite a racket. After a while, he appears via the journal, saluting like any civic minded individual doing the community a service.]

Hey, anyone out there like to give me a hand? I'm tryin' to put together a little work-shack out back. Figured it would be a good way to keep a certain someone from blowing up apartments again. If you don't wanna help, thats fine. Just figured I'd give everyone some warning. Also...if there's anyone around who'd be willing to bring me some extra nails and maybe some water, that'd be great. Rather not stop workin' once I get started...
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Inspector Zenigata is not having a good day. Not at all. He'd woken up out by the lake, face down with nothing but his hat, journal and ubiquitous, albeit shredded New Feather pants. The white clothing was torn to strips of cloth, bits of torn fiber strewn around the middle-aged cop. Worse, he had no real memory of the last few weeks save blinding pain, a deep-seeded sense of rage, and a horrific thirst. That...and for whatever reason his normally dark hair was a shade of creamy white. He sits upright, growling slightly and picking up his journal, speaking into the mic.

"Uh...anyone out there? I got picked up."

Groggily, the Inspector takes his feet, wobbly looking around to get his bearings. Each step he takes is labored, and his stamina seems all but spent after a mere ten paces. He falls flat on his face with the eleventh, struggling to rise. After a few long moments, he is able to sit up, and poke his nose into the journal again.

"I...uh...could really use some help. I...dunno if I can make it back to town alone."

Nope, definitely not the Inspector's best day.
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[Zenigata has spent the better part of the last month stalking around the village, looking surly and generally pretty cranky.  Anyone who tries to bother him was pretty much ignored, as the Inspector seemed somewhat absorbed in his own thoughts.  Today, however, is a little bit different.  He's finally over his...brooding and grumbling and seems to have flopped down outside his apartment building in the early evening.  Anyone who happens by can see that he's taken a bit of booze from one of the bars, and is just kind of flopped down, staring off into the sky with a vaguely thoughtful expression.  Periodically, he rambles into the journal to nobody in particular, and he seems receptive to anyone who happens to come by, offering booze to adults]

Y'know, its times like this where I wonder why I became a cop in the first place.  I mean, yea, I'm good at it and all, but that doesn't make it an easy job.  I work hard, every goddamn day to keep jerks and thugs off the street, and I don't get a lick of thanks from anyone.  Hell, most people back home laugh at us cops, think we are all good for nothin' lardasses who like eatin' donuts and harassing people for no good reason.  But here, real need for me ta be a cop.  Kinda gets me thinkin' about all the stuff I coulda done with myself besides bein' the best damn cop Interpol has.  Coulda been a better husband, coulda taken better care of Toshiko, and been a better grandad too.  Bah...

And thats another thing.  Its damn weird being one place for so long.  How do you people do it?  Its kinda freakin' me out, not running off after Lupin every week, and actually having...a house instead of a hotel room.  I have a feeling I should start decorating or something, and having more food around than ramen and booze.
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(OOC: Sorry for the past tense, I prefer to write posts like this in that format)

 [Near the forest's edge, morning sunlight streamed down through gaps in the leaves, while the area resonated with the stirrings of waking animals. A stately old elm tree towered high above the canopy, a small flock of sparrows chatting away noisily.  Far below at the base of the trunk was a middle aged man, snoring soundly.  Across his lap was a book, and not far away an old, weather beaten hat.  Completely unphased by the noises all around him, Inspector Zenigata Koichi continued to snooze.  High above the veteran cop, however, murder most foul was occurring.  The chirping sparrows nest was under assault by a crow, the larger bird having decided to steal a nest for itself by shoving the sparrow eggs out. 

A pair of small, speckled birds eggs tumbled down and broke with a wet splattering sound....right on top of a certain Interpol agent's head.  With a start, Zenigata leaped to his feet, awake at last.]

OI OI!  WHAT THE HELL! [He wipes his hand through his hair, trying to clean out the bits of shell and goopy egg-white, his face red with anger]

WHATS THE BIG IDEA YOU DAMN BIRDS!  HOW'D YOU GET IN MY ROO-Uhhhh....Wait a minute!  This isn't my hotel room...and this damn sure isn't Monte Carlo... [Color drains from his face as the Inspector looks around in complete and utter confusion, the eggs forgotten as he notices the journal, and his hat.  He picks up the journal and glares at it for a moment.  He opens it up and starts looking through it, eventually finding the primary camera page.]

What the hell is this?  A camera? in a book? [He fiddles with knobs and buttons for a minute, until the recording light flicks on.  Clueless, Zenigata stares blankly at it for a moment as it records.]

All these crazy lights and things?  Damn, what the hell did I drink last night?  Musta been something strong, and I guess someone must've moved me...somewhere.  Probably that bastard Lupin...playing another prank on me....

[Zenigata keeps thumbing through the journal, with occasional snippits of video coming through, along with various curses....though he eventually he realizes that his back hurts.  It hurts a lot... and the journal falls onto the ground, video still going through.  The middle aged cop is flailing around trying to grab hold of the wings that have mysteriously appeared on his back.]
W...w....WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?
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 Post here with a Date/Time/Type of interaction if you would like to get in touch with Mr. Zenigata.
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Just a little post requesting comments on Zenigata.  I don't bite, and I do welcome *constructive* feedback.  Feel free to contact me here, or on AIM at Tuldawen at any point.


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